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Slufoot 1989 - 2006


Hello to all of Slufoot's Friends, Old and New


Down below you will find the way my page looked when my dearest friend was still alive.  Please feel free to look around the rest of the site, I think you will enjoy it.  Slufoot came to me in 1992.  He was given to me by a friend who said he was a stray and needed a good home.  When he first came here he wasn't very friendly, but I kept trying to make friends.  About two weeks later he disappeared and I just thought he had decided to leave.  Well, then my grandmother saw him on the news on the pet of week segment from the Humane Society.  He was in JAIL!  I figured nobody would adopt him because of his feet so I went to get him.  You have never seen a dog so happy to see somebody!!!  I guess I was the first person to ever truly care about him and he knew it.  He jumped into my arms and became MY BABY forever that day.  We had some interesting times after that.  I will never forget the day he was playing with one of my fillies.  She and Slu always loved to play together, if he stopped chasing her, she would turn around and circle him to get him to run again.  Well, one day he got to close and went flying through the air...literally!!! We were all so sure that poor Slufoot was a goner.  That was in 94, so you see, he lived a long healthy life after that!  Or the time in 1995 a pack of 3 huge wild dogs decided he was lunch.  They got Slu by the throat.  The vet said that he was very lucky that time!  But we all knew that he couldn't go on forever.  It was time itself that finally took him.  Seventeen is very old for any dog. (What, about 119 in dog years?)  Slufoot went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 16th, 2006.  I was owned by Slufoot for 14 years. He was an amazing soul and an equally amazing friend.  I will miss him until the day I go to the Rainbow Bridge to find him again.




Yep! I was born this way. Nope, it doesn't hurt, and I can run faster than you can!


My Precious, precious boy died today...he was 17 years old. (9-16-06)

slHi my name is Slufoot! I came to live with Mommy when I was 3 years old in 1992.  I hope you enjoy my pictures.  These are pictures of all of my very best friends.  We all live together on a little farm in West Virginia.  Our mommy loves us all very much and she said I could show you all of our pictures.  Let me know what you think.  ( just send my mommy an email,  she'll make sure I get the message)

See the Rainbow Bridge


Hi, just a note to let you know why Mommy doesn't update the page a whole lot anymore!....She got married!!!!  Daddy ( I guess I should call him grandpa now, he's really my mommy's daddy) is real happy about it and so am I!  Mommy and her  husband  live right here on the farm so we can all be one big happy family!!!!  Love to all - Slufoot




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